Falling Into Place: Lilly Burgos

Its truly an honor to have such a lovely piece written about me by such an amazing writer…


They say that out of adversity comes opportunity. I’ve also heard that when things fall apart is when they are falling into the right place. As we go through those “falling” apart moments in our lives, it doesn’t always seem or feel that way. Yet, one day we look around us, and things are actually better than before or they simply have evolved into something more magnificent. This is a story about a woman that has survived adversity in an admirable way, and recreated herself instead of letting life break her. She is bubbly, funny, honest, frank, and an extremely talented artist. When you meet her, you know that she is a unique person, for she leaves a lingering impression.

Lilly is the name of a flower that historically has signified beauty, light, power and strength. It’s also the name fit for an incredible woman who found inspiration through life…

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