Yuletide Art in the Streets

Nothing gets me more excited than finding creatives in unusual places using their creative imagination in innovative ways.  Particularly if it’s in a silly way that makes us busy Type A’s stop, take notice and breakout in childlike giggles!

On my way home last night I was walking past Walgreens on Astor Place, between Lafayette Street & Broadway and came across, what I at first thought was your everyday christmas tree street vendor.  When suddenly my friend and I burst out laughing and Aww’ing at the cutest nativity scene ever!


Alyssa & Carlo are the creative artists behind these adorable hybrid Charlie Brown Christmas Tree/Farm Animal/Insect Creatures.  If you’re in the neighborhood, walk on over and take a peak and maybe buy some of these little guys.  Alyssa & Carlo are very sweet and will even give you a deal if you buy more than one or the whole set.  They’ll even make a custom little guy just for you!  Merry Christmas! =)


One thought on “Yuletide Art in the Streets

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