March Art Fair Madness

March is one of the busiest months in the New York art scene.  Most art museums debut big name exhibits this month and 10 of the most anticipated Art Fairs take place here.  There’s the Art Show, The Armory Show, Volta NY, Scope NY, The Independent and Fountain Fairs to name only a few.

Art fairs are a great way to see new up and coming artists and some of your old favorites.  You also get to see the art up close in a way that some museums do not allow due to crowding or security.  I personally took advantage of a few of the fairs since I really want to check out some of the newer artists that I’ve only seen in blogs or websites. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to go any of the fairs I thought I’d share some pictures of some art from The Armory Show that I found fun or intriguing.  Hope you enjoy them!